Ep. 5: “There’s a Bonfire in My Mouth and Everyone’s Invited”

Ep. 4: “There’s a Lot of People That Don’t Like Raisins”

  • Follow Up:
    • Thank you Jordan Christensen for our first piece of listener mail!
    • 6 varieties of¬†Union (tip o’ the hat to Mark Solocinski)
  • Paraguayan¬†Yerba Mate
    • Characteristics
    • A nice guampa
    • Typical Paraguayan¬†gourd
    • Typical Paraguayan¬†bombillas
    • Mate culture in¬†Paraguay
    • The Paraguayan War
    • Drinking lots of terer√© vs mate
    • Paraguayan¬†brands

Ep. 3: “This Whole Mountain of Flavor”

  • Follow Up:
    • La Merced varieties
    • Guayaki yerba country of origin
    • Uni√≥n
    • Companies that flash age their yerba
    • Correct aging of Argentine yerba (Thanks to Mark Solocinski)
  • Uruguayan¬†Yerba Mate
    • Characteristics
    • Foamy gourd of mate
    • Types of¬†gourds
    • Types of¬†bombillas
    • Mate culture in Uruguay
    • Uruguayan brands
    • The apparent lack of info on Uruguayan yerba in the USA