Ep. 20: “I Forgot How Words Work”


  1. Hey guys. Been listening to y’all during work. I am up in Park city and live off and on in Provo. Just wanted to say, I like the podcast and all the info on Mate. I started drinking it about 7 years ago. I drink it almost every day. Something that might be cool for y’all to do is share other stories as well of how people have gotten into mate or their experience with it. Mine started as a missionary in Washington DC with some Uruguayos and if y’all want, ID could share it and my experience. Now, everyone knows me for drinking it all the time and I have become very picky to the etiquette I was taught by the family from Uruguay. Also, I like seeing other peoples collections and all, so that could be cool as well, to post pics of people’s mate collections. Just some thoughts. Hope to hear from y’all. Enjoy and cebelo bien

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