Ep. 22: “That’s a Reference”


  1. Regarding Jovis request about Vegans and Guampas we do have some experience in Berlin. There is even an animal rights group that use to meet at Meta Mate Bar. For those is a no way to use the guampa. We keep the Guampa only in the museum. For the ones that are vegan due to political and ethical reasons we would face similar problems with the Palo Santos due to the lack of information on its harvest sustainability.
    Second would like to express the joy that we have for Clark appreciating the Bomba we sent as a gift. That brings into light the fact that often in Brasil for materos the best Bombas one has one did not buy but got as a present. It is a tradition to give someone that loves mate a special bomba.
    Looking forward to hear the 23rd episode!
    Have great mates!

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