Ep. 25: “I Really Pulled a Manos”

  • Follow-up
    • Differences in tradition by country
    • Manos del Uruguay
  • Piporé Compuesta con Hierbas
    • Country of origin
    • Cut
    • Taste
    • Our thoughts

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  1. Hey Guys! Why don’t you have a facebook profile of the podcast? I think it would reach out to more people, if they could comment directly below the post instead of on the website. Anyway, thank you so much for what you do! Even if I’m not interested in particular topic of the episode (e.g. I don’t like herbs in my mate) I like to hear you guys talk about it. When I listen to your podcast I usually drive, so it’s like hearing two buddies on the backseat talking to each other, chillin’. Not like listening to the radio show.
    Greetings from Poland, by the way. As you once mentioned, we have quite established mate culture. If you want to know more about mate in Poland, here is an interresting article: http://circleofdrink.com/how-poland-got-its-hands-on-yerba-mate
    If you have more detailed questions, feel free to ask 🙂 Anyway, keep up the good work. You are always on my playlist.

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